Writing Quotes

It’s been a while since I shared a quote but really I think these two have sort of made my day.  It’s a couple of quotes from one of my favourite authors: Ernest Hemingway.  Of course, my focus is usually writing, but there is another important part of writing and that is editing.  I take the humour in the first and the understanding in the second and it has helped me.  Writing quotes are a great thing when you need to see things a bit differently.

I can at least say that writing can be fun and you can let it all out freely, but you do have to go back and edit with a clear mind. A legend about Douglas Adams said he wrote The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy while a bit- drunk- but it is unlikely this ever happened.  However, it proves that anyone can write, but without edits this would be a bad thing. This is why you write and you have an editor to help you.

This quote says it all about writing, and about life in general, it’s about giving your best and then giving more.  It’s beyond simply publishing a book; put your heart and soul into it.  Some quotes related to writing really prove this to me.