How Does Your Life Affect Your Writing?

I think that there is a sort of wonder with writing, we all love to write.  This is why we, no matter what stage of writing we are in, find the means or the ways to write.  Even in our busy lives we find a way to write and a way to love what we write.

We are the first to admit our goal s publishing a book- either with self-publishing or traditional publishing.  We dare to write because it is something that affects us when we don’t.  There is not a reason why we don’t write, but there are many reasons why we do.

Life is something that takes prescience over writing, publishing a book is important, but if you have a day-job or another commitment you can quickly find yourself wishing you could sit back and write something more.

Life happens to us all.  We might want to think that it doesn’t but it does.  I want to ask a question that I think we’d love to answer simply, but can’t.  There is always a book inside of your mind.  Life happens.

How does your life affect your writing?

I think that writers don’t like to think of such things as online businesses- we have a blog and we usually have some type of social networking we use because we want to be seen in the larger world beyond our small networks of people.

 Writers don’t like to think themselves as Internet marketers, but rather as writers, possibly even bloggers.  After all, any writer can tell you that writing is something that crosses boundaries.  You have your online business, your blogs, your articles, your books.  Everything we do is interconnected.  Writing is both a passion and a business, and each day is something different.

That is the way that life affects our writing.  It is because it is interconnected that it makes the difference.  Each day challenges us, and even after you have published a book, you will still want to do the process over again because you are a writer.

Our writing in a reversal affects our lives as well as the opposite. Life and Writing are money makers for any writer.

The best time to write for me is during the day or late at night, and a recent example proved how interconnected everything is: We write at night, but then someone comes along as asks us to work at night or the kids are up or something changes.  Does this affect our writing?  Of course it does.  Life has just affected my writing.

Should it affect what we write?  Not really but it is important to know that what someone writes is as valuable as a published book.

We can go farther as say that as we age our writing, if we let it becomes more mature, better, deeper, and this is because we have experience backing our writing.  We can argue that some of the best writers put their hearts and soul into their writing.

One could make the argument that it is all about business, and that they simply got better at the business end of things. Money is king and making money is power in the writing world.  The more you have of the gold or the dollars, the more likely you will have more time to write.

I don’t agree with that statement.  In many ways we grow from our mistakes, and we learn lessons which improve our lives.  Money comes when you focus on improving yourself as a writing, and focus on what works for you and what writing for a living is all about- one part romantic idealist and one part harsh realist.

These lessons improve our writing, and then we we publish our works something of our lives shows in the writing.  Publishing a book will affect your life in a positive way, whereas finding more delays can spread outside of your writing life and into your daily ‘regular’ life.

Does your life affect your writing?  Yes it does.  There is a fine balance to writing and the most critical aspect to a writer’s life is the people who read your writing.

It can only be better if you focus on the positive, which is building your life with your writing as involved in it as possible.


  • Nicole Pyles

    Yes – a good book is so personal! But, like how you feel about blog posts, a good blog post will make me comment. A good book will make me want to read the writer again. A GREAT book will make me write to the author and tell them about how I liked it and maybe even ask advice (Few times have I done this!).

    I don't like the idea of it being about business, but I think it more has to do with how the writer connects to the readers and if they connect with more than one reader.