Where Should You Self-Publish?

You want to increase your book sales?  I know that almost every writer wants to do this, this means that where you publish your book is as important as when you publish your book.  I’ve noticed that most books- traditionally published at least- are not published in the month of January.  There is also something else most people will notice, where a book is placed is of huge sales value.

The where you publish is as important as when.  If you want amazon sales, would you consider something which most people think of as a vanity press?

Note: vanity press not a self-publishing company there is a difference.

Would you plan to publish somewhere where you might not create long term sales.  It is based upon various self-publishers something to think about since more often than not it can take more than a year for a book to reach the full potential.

Where can be tricky, for some people this means that they might go to a vanity press, which has a negative reputation with people, or the company doesn’t mention that your book is also has a title which another more “famous” author has used before.

If for example you choose CreateSpace, you will need to be aware that where they sell books is on amazon.com.  If your base of buyers is from the UK there are higher shipping fees to deal with.  As writers we want amazon book sales, but we also want to make some money with these sales.  The where is this case is very important.

The reason why I think where is so important is that over time it can impact your sales, and that will impact your money that you earn writing.