Is It Possible To Make Money On a Blog?

One of the many things that freelance writers should build for themselves is a platform or a profile.  Much of the time this online profile is reflected in the style of the author’s blog.  The idea is that you should write to share your thoughts and, hopefully, have people come and spend money on your work.

However, there is another factor that people do not often consider, and that is the money factor.  When a writer has published a book, they usually write something on their blog telling the world they’ve done it.  For example, a reader can buy In Search of the Lost Ones on Amazon.com by following the links on this blog.  This makes money for the author, but the question is can this make money for the author’s blog, too?

Better still: Is it possible to make money on any blog?

If you do not pay for hosting, or for someone to edit or improve your blog, then those pennies of revenue mean your blog is making money.  That money comes in, and it is all profit for you, the writer of the blog.  I think most writers, though, do not fall into that categoy since writing is a team effort.

If you want to improve your blog, and have others whom you pay help you improve your blog, then “making money” happens when you have something left after you cover all of your expenses.

I believe making money with a blog is very doable, and it is something that most people, writers in particular, should think about.  After all, even “small change” can make a big difference.  The key I would like to make is not to leave people with the impression you only want money.  Doing this requires a balancing act and a lot of willingness to re-edit some of your older work.

If you focus on your reader, and I hope I do, then you will make money long-term with your blog.  You also need to draw some traffic, but again it is possible to see success.  It is in many ways like publishing a book.