Does Money Matter Most When You Write?

coins falling from a cupEveryone who writes wants it.  Everyone who writes needs it.  It is money.  If you are writing for a living you need money.

It is a question that writers face every day.  We want to make money to continue with our writing, and to do that we need money to live.  We also need to have something published — a book or something online.  We have to justify our writing to others so that we can continue to write and earn a good income with it so that people will not when will we find a better job?

Money matters.  A person does need to think a little about money– but not as much as one does about everything else in this writing business.  A writer needs to write and they also need to live.

A better question is this: does money matter most when you write?

notebook and pensDo you write with dollar signs on your mind or huge Amazon sales, or simply because this is a job and it is something that, for the most part, you love and want to continue?  It is about the writing business, and how to get people to buy your product, your writing.  It is also important to focus on how to improve your writing and have more readers find something that resonates for them with your writing.

It’s  all about personal honesty.  Writing is a job, and while writers need to think about the business side of things, the part where they need to earn enough money to live, they also need to think of what their readers need: good writing.  Readers want you to care about what you have to say in your work.  If they like it they will tell others.  If they do not like it they will tell more people, and your book sales will suffer because of it.