What is a Well Written Book?

I think this is something that we ask a lot, as writers.  We each have our own ‘pet’ sort of books that we love to read.  Most of the time I prefer non-fiction history, but I also enjoy fantasy and science fiction.  I love to read a well written book.

I like to think that I know what is written well, but as I’ve learned more and gained more experience with writing and writers in general I’ve come to a conclusion:  A well written book for a writer is hard to find.

If I do not looking for mistakes in my writing, I will end up with a badly written — and edited — book, whereas someone who is not a writer will not be looking for the same things.  I found this to be most true with the new book that Stephen King published recently.

He made the comment that this book about the Kennedy assassination was in the planning stage before Carrie.  But he knew how much research it would take to create a good book about that subject.  I agree.  There will always be a number of people who look at a book and not know why the author did or did not write it sooner or later.

I might believe that a particular book has a strong character and a good plot, and I might say that it is a well written book.  But ask another person about that same book and you could find a completely different answer.  They might even consider it junk.

I think this hold true for a blog.  It is easy writing anything.  A well written blog is often a matter of personal opinion.  I read blogs, and I don’t often comment, but a well written piece will make me comment.  That is because it was, to me, a great piece of writing that deserved praise or comment.

What is a well written book? That is entirely up to the writer — and the readers.