Writing For Life: Is It Possible?

Do you think that you are a writer?  For many, the answer is yes; most people think that they are a writers to some degree.  After all, if you are writing a book, you are planing to publish it, and you will be an author.

Once this is done, are you going to stop there?

Sometimes the simple answer is: yes.  You can say that this book was what you dreamed of doing, and now it’s done.  Or you can choose to say that this is only the beginning.  It is never going to end — in a good way of course.  This is what writing for life is about.

Writing for life means that you are going to push yourself to do something more with your writing.  It might not mean you will publish the world’s best book of all time.  It means that you are making a commitment to writing. 

Your life has many parts, and writing is one part of them.  Writing is something in your blood.  It is in your heart and you cannot stop writing for a moment. It is important to you.  It is like an amorphous extra member of your family, as it were.  It is a connection to the world that you simply do not want to give up.

You look at yourself each day and find that you simply want to write, something, anything, and you miss when you cannot write each and everyday.  It is beyond a hobby.  It can also be relaxing for you.

Writing for life means that there is a commitment to publishing, and there is also a commitment to improving your writing.  If you love what you do then you will be writing for life — and that’s possible!