Business Writing?? What Are You C-R-A-A-A-A-Z-Y?

I’ve said it one if I’ve said it a million times, business writing isn’t all that hard. I just have to learn how to do it better. As most of you know from reading my face book, I’ve given myself 6 months to “hackiness”. To avoid this calamity I’m planning to write write and write some more. A business and marketing plan, all business writing. Once that will make my editor laugh like there is no tomorrow.

Of course, should I not complete this edit/draft version by Monday, well, the link to my editor blog will be on my Monday’s post. So, to avoid said problem, I’m writing for dear life. A Business plan is in order. I tended to lean towards writing something of a business plan up for a year. Now it’s down to six months.

Why do this? For the biggest reason that events and people (Writers as well) change during the year. So I found that by about six months, my marketing plan and business plan were out of date. Business writing at its finest.

I’ve also planned to recheck my goals in three months, so it should be interesting. But back to business writing. I found that some have a great way to do business writing and they express it in different ways: Damaria Senne, Johanna, and Ann Victor all have some great blogs, which I;m sure are developing well, and their wonderful comments on their blogs prove it.

I’m sure that after reading their blogs, you’ll understand how much planning goes on with writing and writing a blog, and a writing career. I am certain that each woman has a plan. It took business writing to do so.

My Question for Today: What sort of business writing do you need to do for your writing career or even for your every day life?

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