Editors Are The Reason YOU Make Money

What would you be without your editor?  Where would you be without a professional editor?

I’ll give you places where I’ve been:

1) Frustrated:  I don’t know what I’ve done wrong but there is something wrong.  My editor finds it.

2) Dreaming but not doing:  I would have certainly stopped.  Not writing, but publishing.  If I had published, the chances are high I would not make money with my work.

3) Needing Improvement:  I’ve improved a lot in my writing.  By this I mean that I can see more mistakes. I am also more willing to fix them.  All because of my editor.

In my mind there is only one thing to say:  editors are the reason you make money. If you have an editor you need to thank them a lot.  They will improve your writing.  I know that my editor did.