Are There Only Ten Things a Writer Needs?

I think most people can list ten things that they need to write:  A computer, some time, a pen and paper, an idea book, a writing course, an editor, a new writing idea, a dictionary and thesaurus, a publicist, a new book on writing better.

In fact, I think that this list could really go on for more than ten, but the key is that for most writers, myself included, we think in groups of ten, or groups of things in general.

No, there are more than ten things a writer needs to write with, or to improve their writing, but at the same time everyone needs to think which are the ten most important things that they need.  I know this is a hard thing for most writers.  I know each of us have our own point of view.

I might think an editor is a must, whereas, someone else who is more comfortable looking and editing might feel that writing and then a bit of self-editing, and then send it to an editor will work better for them.  In this case I would put “editor” in my top ten list of “writing things I need” and they would probably not put it in their top ten.

I might not think an idea book is such as great idea, but other writers would.  This is what makes each writer unique, but when we get together, usually there are many of the same “top tens” on each persons list.  After all we need a computer. I also need a dictionary.  Or a history book, as I write about historical events.

Still can there really be only ten things?  I think that most people would agree that if I asked the question; can there be then general things about writing that a writer could list?  I think then the answer would be more of a yes, and less of a no.

There are in the end, to me at least more than ten things that a writer needs… and the most important just publish your writing… on writing sites or anywhere.

Have fun with your writing.  Remember in the end to love what you do and the rest will be okay– in your writing at least.