Writing an Article For Money

Here’s a fun little post.  I’ve heard a few people talk about writing articles for money on blogs or on places such as Demand Studios. I also heard them talking about writing magazine articles. I know we need to self-publish our work online many times, but hearing these things got me thinking about what we can do when we are writing offline — which can translate to writing online — and thereby making money.

“I need to get the the word count up.  Reader’s Digest Pays $X per word.  It would be great to write for them.  I love writing and I’d like to write more online and get paid.”

In a way, they are thinking too small.  They are also thinking too big.  We need to find the middle ground — publishing our work and getting our names out and making money with small things.

If Reader’s Digest published one of my articles, they would pay me for it, but there are other ways to get payments for our writing.  I think of the blog as a magazine — I have hit the “publish” button after all.  Now, I can think of my blog posts as a series of articles, and people come to my blog to learn.  This is also self-publishing and I’m still learning about that, too!

This doesn’t mean I’ll make money with each article, or blog post.  The fact is, I won’t make money on most of the articles I write, but at the same time, I can enjoy my writing.  The key is that the process of writing is something I enjoy.  That is what makes writing this blog easy for me.  I am not so sure about writing an article about a specific topic to make money.

I would write articles about particular topics for money, but that is something I would do as a side to my personal choices for writing and publishing.  Since I am publishing a book, I can say that it is not as easy to multitask.  I need to consider what I need only at the moment — finally I need to remember writing is easy.

So where can I write?

There are many websites for which you can write and make money from them, but I think that we all need to consider what is best for one person when writing… you and me.  What topic I write about and what content I choose are also an important consideration when I think about writing and article for money.

Love what you do… I think in the end that is the most important thing!


  • Jan

    You are so right! I know several people who write for paying websites, but it's pure drudgery for little money. I'd far rather write something I love, for little or no money. Great post!

  • Marlena Cassidy

    I don't think I could just pop out article after article for money. I enjoy blogging about things I find interesting and funny, and if it's free, than that's what it is. I'm happy doing what I love.

  • Andrea

    I think this is great advice… I often am appalled by what I see as low offers for articles, but then I see an article request for something I am passionate about and can't believe someone would actually pay me to write about it! It is very individual, and I like how you step back and observe that.