What Words Move You? Quotes About Writing

writers quotesI think every writer feels the joy of writing in their blood. I think that is why we collect quotes, to drive us on. If they can write and be famous, so can we.

We are partly, as William H. Gass has said- Alchemists, and our experiences change and improve us.  Words can move us to action, and writers can change lives.

However, a writer needs more than words.  They need heart and soul and some joy in their writing and what they want out of their writing life.  Talent is only made when you test the limits.

You need to be passionate and never giving up.  You need to love what you do, and keep on doing it, because it moves you to write.

Ralph waldo emersonLetting yourself be a writer who takes each day at a time is as important as anything. Is also important to do one other thing, and that is when the going is tough. All writers have to make a choice to either give up, or change direction, even if it means self-publishing.
Churchill quote

Off to writing… and improving on the spirit of the writer, and the writing itself.  All it takes is One word at a time.

Never give up on your dreams and your vision, you have the power in you with words to move others, pay it forward and publish your writing.

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  • honkeie2

    One of the worst classes I ever took in college was a class on writting. The teacher thought anything less than Robert Frost was not worth the paper it was put on. So you can imagine the 'red pen' was in full swing when i turned in anything. But she did make me see that I have a true love for run on sentence, which is ok by me…..let them run on forever haha