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More Money More?

So kill me, or make me feel a lot older than I am, but I still feel that song “mo’ money mo problems” and, this is for the most part I think it is somewhat, or really very, wrong. I’m not saying there isn’t problems with having a lot of money, it’s not the same as not having enough money. The stress is different, and you end up leading a different life. The choices you make are what define you with money.

My nerd like mind can almost comprehend the difference. Maybe a bit of time travel?

The time travel where you actually act like an adult and think about your money. That ten dollars you don’t have? Okay, you spent it. It’s not hiding in the couch, and it’s not in the wallet folded like origami.

Compass and Leadership
Let’s make a map… or a plan. or something?

Not one where you go to the past physically, but mentally. No checking out of this, and no sugar coating stuff you don’t like, just the one where you look at your past as an observer. Now, it’s buddy time, bring a friend with you and have a good sit down.

I want you to find the no nonsense, no BS type friend who you know you can’t fudge a detail because they will call you out on it, and will prove you wrong. That friend. The one where you can tell them anything, and they won’t tell anyone else. Once you know the person you want to have this talk with is, call them, or text them, or whatever.

Bring a pen and paper with you for this coffee time, and meeting time.

And be prepared to do some W-O-R-K (yeah I know, I say it but even I don’t do this sometimes. Don’t even get me started on decluttering.)

Got that done? Good… Next Step.

The step we all know and hate. The moment you have to be honest with yourself. The time where, sure the “latte factor” happened. I’m not big on the latte factor concept, because it’s one smelly load. If I buy a one dollar coffee, then it’s still one dollar, and sure I can make a cup at home, but it’s about the same dollar cost for it.

Wait… wait a moment… are you sure?

Let me explain, I go and buy the coffee, and let’s say it’s supposed to do a couple hundred cups of coffee for $20. Still not a buck a coffee, but if you’re like me, I like my coffee a bit stronger, so really I add more of the coffee grinds. Then I like to have a filter, because I hate cleaning the coffee grinds off the bottom of my mug. Except that’s another bit of change- here it’s about $5 for 50 filters, or so, and you need about two packs of those to make a good cup of joe. And this is if you go on the cheap. Then there is the sugar and the cream, and the whatever else you need in it. By the time you add it all up- it’s about the same. Unless you like black coffee. Which I don’t.

A nice cup of black coffee.

The next step is the medium stuff, the “because I needed a pick me up” type of thing. The I had to run into McDonalds or some other fast food place, and you had to have the $5 cheap meal, but you upsized it, and wait don’t forget you needed the “extra couple of sauces of X” and ” the extra cheese” and the five dollar meal became $10. Ah yes, Bingo. Those. I admit my vice isn’t McDonalds, it’s a hobby shop. It’s Lego, or the nice “8 of 8” comics. I know I could stop but I’m not that way…yet.

I get on Amazon or go into a hobby shop, and my thinking, logical brain just goes out the window. Ask my partner, I’m sure they just roll their eyes and hope the bill isn’t too high because I need another Lego set for 2 for 1 like I need to destroy my budget. Problem? I can justify it, and anything else. I’ll “put it up on my youtube this time. I SWEAR TO ALL THAT IS HOLY!” Remind me when I blow the dust off of it that I did say that.

I can justify it because I’m a nerd and I honestly will film it, I planned to film it, and to put it up on YouTube, but I’m lazy. But it’s mine and it’s something I wanted. Yeah, those expenses. Those ” can if I want, but I really shouldn’t because bigger expenses.” That type of expense.

I go into stores for all things nerdy and now I have a goal. It’s bought it’s simple, I film it and unbox it. Two films and less problems. I’m not a lego builder but I love the builds I do, and this way eventually it’s going to be a different more money more problems.

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Learn from the challenges