Tech Review: Android Lollipop

colourful jellybeansJellybeans make a wonderful, colorful snack; a wonderful operating system they do not. I have been writing and griping about Jellybean for a long time now and it seems the rest of the world is finally catching up. The buggy system had updates yes, but every time I updated something else stopped working entirely.And you naysayers can say it was just me but I know plenty of people that jailbreak their phone to get away from “The Bean”.

In January 2015 Android introduced Lollipop- the newest version. Come on guys, the names are cute but I would like an operating system that is great and the name is a group of numbers that no one seems to remember when you ask them what version they are running.
With Lollipop they did make it functional across all your devices, something that other companies have been doing for a while now {cough Apple}. But its good to see that they are taking consumer feedback and working towards a more functional device. They are still working on their “ecosystem” that will allow you to start something on one device and then pick up another and continue to work on it. And we have writers who need it now, fast and on a social networking site yesterday. Hmmm where have I heard this before?

I do have an Android device in the house, more phablet than tablet, but the experience is suppose to be the same so for the sake of this piece I went to download the new OS and give feedback and compare.

About 20 frustrating, nerve wracking, angry, and I’ve left the series of expletives out, minutes later and the annoyance of searching high and low for why this is not working. It’s because my phablet is a Sony. My Sony phablet doesn’t support Lollipop, yet. I’m sure it will come, but it would be helpful to learn this sooner than later.
So at this time Android, for my device, is just a big tease and I have to wait.
However, I searched for feedback and Lollipops launch is not as smooth as they make it seem. Wi-Fi issues, battery draining and issues with opening apps are just the tip of the iceberg.
For now I will reserve anymore judgement until I can use the system myself.
I am pro-Apple. I have used everything form Blackberry to Android to Apple. Spanning almost decade of phone/tablet use. I even got to try the Blackberry Playbook before it came out. When I find something that works for me and works well I will recommend it.
If Google wants to send me a device that runs their Lollipop I will take time and really use it and see if it’s worth having. I will buy it if the prices are reasonable (they are) and if they can easily transfer information between two devices.

But until then I’m just going to kick back with my iPad, that does all the things Android is striving to do already, and wait.The android tablets you can look into are from: Samsung as well as Google, as both produce some great tablets to use and buy.