Writing is a Process…So is Publishing

I just want you to know that writing is a process… I am in the process of trying not to lose my mind.

I have way too much editing and not enough time in the day.

So before you think I forgot my blog– no I have not in fact it is one of the many joys I have. Mind you I didn’t think I’d ever be doing what I am doing. That “doing” is publishing a book and editing its mistakes– before going public, and writing a new book, a volume two.

It’s not like looking in a crystal ball and guessing facts about self-publishing, but it is a lot of knowing how much work is head of me… best not to get buried in it.

I also decided to start this book on my, or about my, blog. This is taking more time than expected.

I must say that writing certainly is a process.

So don’t get buried in details, enjoy the process.

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