What The Deal With Edits?

I’m swamped– not on my blog but rather with edits.  I got through one round of mock-ups, without the “texting” part only to notice something rather glaring. This is the part where someone will go through your proof and fix errors.  This might not seem like much, but it is. I’ll let you read it– rather, I’ll let you read the title on the first page of the mock-up.

“In Search Of The Lost Ones:  The Translvania German Soldiers of World War two”

Notice anything?

Hope you noticed a “couple” of errors.  I love my editors… but even I noticed one right away.

Transylvania– it is either spelled with a “y” or an “i” however in the first mock-up it is spelled without either.  It is no big deal, but it does need fixing.  As for the other parts I am of the mind that “In Search of the Lost Ones” looks better.  Otherwise I am happy with the style of the mock-up, and CreateSpace did a good job with the interior.

What is the deal with edits?  If you don’t see them right away you are in trouble once you have published and have other readers notice mistakes…which is why you need an outside editor.  Not only for your book before it goes to the publisher, but after with an editor for the mock-ups.

This is the deal.  You need an editor through the entire process. Even when you self-publish— or especially when you self-publish!