Plot or Good Writing? Or Good Writing and Lack of Plot?

I have to admit that when I read, I can sometimes forgive some edit problems if the plot is good.  If a plot is not good, or is something which is hard to “get into” I am not as forgiving.

I am not referring to a blog, which is totally different, and I do read a lot of blogs, but a real sit down in big comfy chair and read a real book.  That is what I mean, and since I review books, it means I read a lot.  If the plot is not good, I look at other things, editing and what people think of the work.

I also find this work hand in hand, good writing is good with a good plot, even in non-fiction.  I read a lot, and review a lot of books so writing is something that you can “forgive.” (not spelling mistakes etc– rather how it is written)

Fortunately I’ve read a good book, and that is Dead Light District, where I find the plot is good enough to sit and read it all the way through.  Jill needs a huge hand for that, she is a great writer.  Sasha is a good character, but the key to a good plot is a bit of surprise.

In this case by reading a person who has published a couple of books, and is one I recommend learning from, Jill has a surprising way to keep me reading.  Ever so often she gets another character’s points of view.  She does this well.  I expect it, and I know it is something special because it is a break in the chapter or it is a chapter unto itself.

I have a lot to learn, and I almost think I should have a few more people read my non-fiction book to see how it flows. 

So what is more important to you a good plot with good writing or good writing with lack of plot?


  • Damaria Senne

    While a badly edited text can be distracting ( because my internal editor keeps trying to fix it), I'd still opt for a story that has a good plot rather than one that is beautifully written but has a shaky plot.

    Actually, I've come across the latter, where I have to concede that the writing is beautiful – but I still can't get into the book and have to put it down. I always find that sad because I feel that if an author can write that well, surely he/she knows how to develop an engaging plot?