How to Make Money With Your Blog

Monetizing is a by word in this online world.  In fact most people simply put up a Google AdSense ad, or place amazon on their blogs, but really most people don’t stay around long enough to make the money that they want with any of these programs.  This is not an easy road to travel but it is something that can in the end make you money.  It is sort of like writing the more you write the better you become and the more money you will make.

So.. How to make money on your blog:

The more important thing about a blog is that you have to write on the blog before you can make money with your blog. It should have some traffic to make you the money you want.  The key to finding your blog is by at the beginning having some contact with the outside world. By this, go and find a few blogs you like and write comments, intelligent comments.

A good way of looking at your blog is to look at it as a part of your business, not your whole business but a part.  This can mean that while you write on your blog and have fun doing this, making sure that you write elsewhere helps a lot, as long as you add a link from the writing site your are on.

This is again only part of the equation: where you have ads, from other affiliate programs is also a part of it, and also where you place your profile so that people can contact you for freelance jobs.  Again this is a part of becoming more professional at blogging and doing what needs to be done to make the money you set out to making.

A blog really is a business, and you can make your posts as long or as short as you would like but the important thing is content, or rather what you are writing about.  It doesn’t matter what you write your content about but rather what you enjoy writing about, at least in the beginning.

Another aspect which you will need to consider is a thing called keywords, but when writing simply make sure that the topic you have chosen is a part of the general writing of the blog’s theme.  So, if you are writing about writing, then you need to write about that general topic.  Not all topics will be “money makers” but all topic can make money.

Simply with a blog, it is the time factor, the longer you work at it, and the more you write, you will find the more you learn and the more success you will see.

You can read more of this series: How to write an online articles, and how to write a good blog post.  Comments are welcomed.

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  • Lauren

    Hi Rebecca! I just started blogging and one of the reasons I did so was to improve my writing and speech skills! It's interesting that you look at it like a business, never thought of it that way. Cool post, thanks!