In This Business, You Need Passion.

I was wondering what the chances of building a really good writing hub is… I have come to the conclusion that writing is needed. A bit of money and building a few more links and blogs, and business and books… but I was getting very burnt out, so…

I took my own advice, and began to write everyday, but relax and get a small thing done each day. I would write in my blogs each morning and then at least 30 minutes per day on each of my Work In Progress. I had always said that “I would finish my book.” After dedicating myself to this, I completed my non-fiction book, at more than 50,000 words, I am very proud of myself. Of course now comes the re-editing but really that is only a small piece of effort to make my book a success. Now, this means a bit of talk about money, but in this business it does pay to be realistic.

To suggest that I’ll make a million dollars on this might sound ludicrous, but I still envision that one day. I know that I need the drive and the willingness to work and to attempt my best work. That takes time, and editing and good marketing skills all of which I am learning.

I love the ability to tell people my job is that of a writer, one that I can say is rewarding and fun. Some people believe me and others do not, others will smile and say they think that they have an idea of what I mean. I hope that they all find their true passion for what they love and will build their lives around that. Still it is a choice.

So, my choice is to drive my passion and keep on writing, and keep on building what I love. My writing keeps me going. It is the foundation of my business, and of course it is my choice to keep working at it.

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  • Sylviane Nuccio

    Writing is my life. As an affiliate/internet marketing I write every day most of the day. From blog post, to articles, tutorials and ebooks. The writing never ends. Great blog. I follow it now.