Enjoying Your Writing?

It can be the middle of the summer or the dead of winter, but at some point all writers get this feeling, and they seem to ask am I enjoying my writing? Not in a bad way but it seems when challenges pile up and there seems to be a marked difference when and how you enjoy your writing.

There are times when the writing seems to flow and you love every second and there are times when you wonder why you began to write this particular piece in the beginning. This is all a part of writing. There are ups and there are downs. All writers know this. It is the downs that are the hardest to say that you enjoy your writing.

The question remains: Are you enjoying your writing?

Enjoying your writing does not mean that you have to enjoy every part of the writing process, as there is always something that a writer does not enjoy doing. For many writers it is the editing process, possibly because it is so labour intensive and possibly because they have to cut and paste the work they have done up to that point.

Enjoying your writing means that when you wake up each day you want to write something, even if it is on a paper napkin, your mind works in the creative way that you simply can not think of a reason not to write that day. This does mean you will write on a specific day, but it does mean you want to write and enjoy the process of writing.

Enjoying your writing does not mean that it is an addiction to the point where you can not back away and take a break. Everyone needs a break and needs to rest. This includes writing and your writing business. Taking break is a part of the cycle of writing.

Enjoying your writing means that you are passionate about your writing and what you do each day with it. You have a sense of balance and you enjoy other things beyond writing but you also understand that to have passion you need to do some work with your writing. You know what writing means to you and you enjoy every moment of the art of writing.