Compassionate Blogging And Writing

We all do it.  That moment, that awful moment we’d love to take back.

Let go, and grow

I’m not writing about the intent to be mean, or to be less than compassionate, and on the Internet there is a lot of hurtful comments which the writer does intentionally.  I’m not writing of these, I’m writing about the ‘funny’ moments on a blog, where our real life personality hurt someone or made someone angry.


That’s not what a blog should be about, nor should it be about anything else than to truly help another human being through life.  To show them the beacon of hope and compassion and understanding that they too are valuable.  They are needed as a part of what makes you write.  This concept took a long while to grow in my own mind.  It’s harder when you find that the negative around you is controlling you and making it impossible to feel not much above cynical.  Life does that and makes it hard for you to be positive.  Because in this day there’s a lot of crappy views of being positive and being happy all the time- and the reality is you’re going to be very bitter if that happens.  Being positive while blogging or writing?


I’m not writing about being positive.


I’m actually writing about how one can be compassionate about blogging and writing.  The process of thinking of others and what they might feel about what, or rather, how you express yourself.  What might be sad for you, isn’t for another.  What you believe is funny, just doesn’t go over well with someone else.  Now, by being careful, it doesn’t take away how some people might be hurt, or find something funnier than what you intended, or they might simply not worry.  The art is not making everyone feel happy, it’s making the effort to remember that not everyone feels the same as you.


By being more aware of how your readers might view things, you become more of a person who blogs and writes with different characters then before.  You view that a certain over the top, the-character-who-was-so-Amazingly-FUNNY, isn’t quite so much.  You blog with an end game, and a goal which might be different from when you first set out to write. You find yourself growing as your think about what you have to say to people, and what you’ve communicated to them on your blog in the past.


Not to dwell and wish you did A, B, or Z to find what went wrong, but rather, going back and finding that small, little, mistake that would bother you.  You build your blog to be better to be more…. compassionate to what your readers need.  Even if you feel there is only one reader, you can grow from there.  Word of mouth is a powerful thing. It’s not easy.  You might have dreams and visions of leading the pack, but you don’t know where you went wrong.


In this case, you will need to also find ways to be more compassionate with yourself.  You, a imperfect human, are also an imperfect blogger, who longs to grow and you, the wonderful person you are, are willing to find a way to be more truthful about what you can and cannot do.  It’s not about being positive, as the most positive people tend to not be able to deal with life.


Life.  That’s the hardest thing.  There is always going to be bad things that happen.


We all know about blogging, and yes there are negative people, but maybe, what they are telling us is exactly what we don’t want to hear.  No one likes hearing that their blog could use work.  I know mine can use a lot of work, but it’s always a good thing to get some feedback which isn’t a pat on the back.


Compassionate blogging is taking the good stuff with the bad stuff, learning from it, and just saying, well there’s always another blog post.  Isn’t that what is the important thing?  Learning from the bad to make it a bit better.  This lets you grow as a leader in your own mind, and also build a more powerful view of what your readers want in your blog, and in your writing.