Why Writers are Passionate Writers

All writers, be they professional writers, or writers who are just starting out on their journey look to one thing, the one reason why they began to write in the first place. Passionate writers are the ones who dream and who love to create some thing of value to each person whom they connect with. Their medium is different they use words to communicate emotion. I would even argue that actors have it easy. In fact they are the same, they take our words (int eh case of screenwriters) and show what we have written.

The point is that if what is written is not good, nothing and no one can make it better. Some authors are immortal since they made writing their living and then added a lot of passion to it. Of course they never lost sight of what was the point to their writing– to speak to the reader in a way that connects with them.

Writers of course need mentors. To be passionate and a writer, they need some focus we would burn ourselves out otherwise. Writing is a passion and without some focus writing for a living is almost impossible. The reverse is true if you are not a passionate writer, then your writing will not be as powerful as passionate. We all need both and in the correct mixture.

Still i do believe that all writers are passionate writers, we want to give our best. Our best can really be defined by ourselves but it can also defined as what other writers and our readers see as our passion, our writing.