Writing For a Living: Myth or Fact?

I am certain that all of us writers know (or rather know of) at least one person who can say that they write for a living. However, it is the people we really know in terms of our writing circle that I am referring to, do these ones have the ability to be writing for a living. For the most part, I believe that many writers, when time an effort are put in can, and should write for a living, but the key fact is that we are not a Mr. King, or a Ms. Rowling. I am sure we all would love to be but we are not.

So how do we as writers view writing for a living? Better stated do you as a writer believe that writing for a living is myth– where you will not become a writer where most, if not all of your income is derived from your writing, or fact– where some, if not all of your income is based from what you produce in your writing, and that number is high enough that quiting your day job is a reality that will either happen soon or has happened.

My own personal belief is such that I am of the impression that writing for a living is something that most people can and should ( with enough effort) be able to do. It is something that combined with passion and dedication, a writer can make a living from their writing. I am proud of my work, and I believe that at some point it will be the only thing I make my living on. I am dedicated to this and I am excited that I can be writing for a living soon.

Of course I am not suggesting that this ideal is simple and something that happens over night. I also know a lot of great writers out there who write simply because they love the art of writing. They have a day job, but their writing is something that they are passionate about and want to continue to develop. For these writers passionate writing is important to them, they would not write without passion, and can not think of a better hobby.

Again this idea that writing for a living is a myth to me, and to many writers, is untrue, we strive to do our best and at some point write for a living.