Is Passionate Writing a Part of Writing Well?

There are many writers who want to succeed in writing, but often the main argument that most people will say about a book is that it lacked something for them. There was something missing, something that people need but can not find.

This something is passion. Not say passion as in “I love this book and can not get enough of it” but passion as someone reading the book and feeling what you as the writer you trying to tell them. The reader gets the passion in the writing and in the end will find it useful or funny, or whatever you had intended it to be. Passionate writing is about writing well. You have a passion for what you are doing.

It is the same with blog and writing. there needs to be a passion to your writing, something that makes readers want to read more, and come back and read more. that is possible and below are ten ways to keep passionate about writing:

1) Love what you do: This is passion at its most basic. Love what you do.

2) Try your best: This one is another that people will understand.

3) Maintain a focus: If you are writing a blog on writing, it had better be on writing. Be willing to change titles if what you are now writing is not what you once did.

4) Write each day: Think of writing your most favorite thing last, a sort of fun thing you look forward to.

5) Read: Keep reading on the topics you love.

6) Laugh and Write: Sometimes laughter makes the hardest day seem better.

7) Love your book: Like a blog, a book needs to be written so love it, and yes an editor can fix almost anything.

8) Get an editor who cares about editing: The Cheapest editor is not always the best.

9) You know you can write, so rewriting is simply writing the same thing only better: If you look at rewriting as getting a better piece of writing done this will increase your passion for writing.

10) Above all mistakes happen, but forgive yourself, and smile your are a writer: Be passionate about writing means that you will try to do your best, and this is a good thing, but also writers do make mistakes, so smile forgive yourself and love it anyways. passionate writing is a part of writing well.

Now, write well, be passionate in your writing and you will see success in writing.


  • Jill

    There is a definite link between passion and good writing, as well as meeting objectives. Those without passion for writing seem to be the ones who never quite finish that manuscript…

  • Rose West

    I totally believe that people have distinct gifts and callings in what to do with their life. If you're not passionate about what you do, find something you are passionate about. Great post, Rebecca!