So I’m not Perfect, But then…. for Publishing a Book

Go back to 10 solutions for publishing you’ll see the four I’ve done so far. Grammar and Spelling, well this is why the first on the list was a good editor. ( Read the comment I’ll be referring to here)

Writing a book is a bit of an effort on some days but I can see teh end of it soon.  Maybe because I am thinking of solutions to publishing a book as opposed to the writing challenges I have.  Not only do I have to think about writing for a living, but I have to be living a life of writing.  It is a sort of magic in a sense.

Two things I need to get my books going: A Marketing Plan and a Business Plan.

Marketing Plan:

How to sell this particular book, not the entire series, each book is different. so a marketing plan for each is a must.  Who is going to buy your book and where your foucs is on selling books is just as important.  Some people think of how, or who but a marketing plan owrks best if you think about both.

Business Plan:

This is for your entire series or writing career, how many books what is for you a good pace, the marketing plans, the ideas for blogs etc, that’s what goes here.

My Question for today is this: what about you– which one is more “important” to you right now?