Would You Publish Your Online Writing on Kindle?

I was asked a few days ago if I would ever publish anything on Kindle.  Now, my answer is yes. In fact, my book will soon to be published as a Kindle edition, so please forgive my bias.

In this case I think a better question is, would you publish anything you write online on a Kindle edition?  I think a better answer to that is, yes, with edits.  I can say that my audience is wide and varied, and they want to see a certain type or style of writing, and they would expect it to be similar or the same.

What is important is that when you write and publish you know that you will have readers.  It is exciting when you get your first reader, but I think it is more exciting getting someone coming back to comment. There is a drawback to publishing a Kindle edition — people will have it, and might not come back to read more.

I had to ask myself is this a bad thing?

I mean after all, if I edit it and expand on it, I could potentially have about 100 books I could sell on Kindle, and they would be based on the writing I have done online.  In the end those Kindle books might even increase traffic to those online sites, which in turn would increase traffic here.

I also think that digital publishing allows you to expand and improve in more ways.  The difference is that when you are publishing your work on an online writing site, you are hoping that people will come and then come again and spend some money somewhere on your site.

With Kindle, even if they do not come back and buy the same book, they might come back and buy another one of your Kindle edition books, and the truth is that no matter how small those earnings are, they can be and will last much longer than a website.

Of course you’ll have to publish a book, and have it edited before you publish, and then get a few reviews.  This is the part I am waiting for.  perhaps the better question would be would you also publish a book with the Kindle edition?

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