Does Publishing a Book Mean Money?

Now admit it we would all like to have a bit more money after we publish our work somewhere.  In fact if we are honest we would like a lot of money.

But:  does publishing a book mean money?

In a sense, yes it means money, but you will need to break even to make that sort of money that you can see in this picture.  Money comes– but only after a few books…

Books, in plural, means money, the more books the more money.  Or the less books the more promotion which means you simply can’t rely on family or friends to do all of your work.  It is fun and something we’d like to happen, the publish and make money but there is one thing we need…

Determination! (and maybe a Kindle edition or three…)


  • Damaria Senne

    I recently self-published an ebook and sporadic. It's great when it comes in and it's not the kind of money that's going to pay the home loan or feed me for a month. So yes, when you've only published one book ( unless you already had an impressive list of potential buyers or your publsher does), things will be very slow. And I'm fine with that. Rome was not built in a day.