What Do Your Readers Think About Self-Publishing?

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Years ago no one cared to admit that they might have self-published a book.  Years ago, to self-publish meant that you didn’t “have what it took” to find that publisher willing to take on your book, and when you shared with a potential reader that your book was self-published, the chances grew that they would not buy your book.

It’s wonderful to see that things have changed.
I am not suggesting for an instant that you don’t write your best work, and that you don’t give your full attention to your readers, but I have noticed that with the advent of self-publishers such as Lighting Source and CreateSpace, and the general willingness for people to read something that another person is passionate about, the fact that a book is self-published is no longer as big an issue.
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The big issue now is the content of  your book and what you have to say to your readers.  You must find a way to connect with them.  A good example of passion is an established author who has a

strong following and then they loose that when they try something new. They might also gain new readers, if they are true to their new style or book — J.K. Rowling (Casual Vacancy) and Stephen King (11-22-63) are two writers who have faced both the good and bad effects of a change in style.

professional writerIf your reader connects with the book you wrote, it won’t matter what method by which you published it. It will only matter if there is a negative reaction.  However, if you set a goal to self-publish and become famous, you had better relate well to your readers.  Your readers are thinking and feeling humans, and that makes the effort you put into your book all the more important.
It  might matter to some readers that you self-published a book, but those readers may have been burned by other books which you have no control over. (Even traditionally published authors make mistakes, as do editors.) The key is to focus not only on your potential to make money, but on your readers.  Passionate writers will always find a buyer.  Did you self-publish your book?  Great! If you are passionate about your book, your readers will be as well.
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On a side note, I love my readers, and the relationships I’ve developed with many of my fellow bloggers.  I think that without them I would not be the writer I am.  

This means that I am more passionate about what I do.  I want to find more readers and I enjoy the interaction with people and I believe that it is because I learned that writing is great — no matter what if I am passionate about it.