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Do You Nerd?

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Be creative, but be focused.

Let’s be a bit clear… okay a lot clearer.

I’m somewhat of a wannabe, everything. For a while it was all about the writing business. Good idea, great plan except I suck at anything which remotely seems like a writing business.


I suck badly at just about anything, because I can start it, but I can’t correct course, figure out just what the hell is going wrong with something I’m doing, and heaven forbid I just actually move out of my comfort zone- whatever the hell that is. (I’m not sure what people mean by comfort zone, but if it means I don’t take well to routine, and critiques because my skin is thinner than a politician well that’s true too.)

There’s one thing I might be good at, and that’s being a bit of a nerdy. One might call me a wanna be, because I go to Marvel movies opening weekend… and Transformers (I liked Bumblebee!) and a bit of DC… and Quantum Leap and Star Wars. Star Trek. Just about anything will do. Let’s be clear, I’ve wanted to go to SDCC (San Diego Comic Con.) for years but, well it’s a long way away and frankly I’d go to Animethon around the corner or so.

Back to me sucking.

It’s all about business, and frankly, I’m not that much of a business minded person when it comes to my own stuff. Start yes, finish not so much. I’d rather nerd around, but whatever that means it means finding something I love and something I have a passion for. Writing is one of them, but so i YouTube, photography and painting. Comics and movies too.

Really, it’s about being a part of a tribe, and realizing that while I might really suck at something I love, I can still grow, and go from the ground up.

Do you nerd?

Do you nerd?