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Power of Being Positive

testing your limits quoteThere is no doubt in my mind that trying to think positively is a powerful experience- if you test a limit each day.  Take a look at life, if you have a mindset that something, anything will go wrong- it probably will.  The flip side to this is thinking positively. This is a bit of wordplay, instead of thinking what could go wrong, think about the fact the challenges are there to see if you can improve your own mind.

I’m not suggesting that a person can’t feel sad or upset, but I am saying there is a victory in each small step any person makes towards being a more positive person.  Life is not all roses, and I am learning how much better my life is because I am learning to look at things differently.

Life is more like a roller coaster, you can have high highs and low lows.  I can say with a certain conviction about my line of thinking- that if I focus on the challenges they become harder.  I’ve had some moments of highs, highs so bright and intense that I can forget for a moment that there are moments of equal lows, where I might see that pinhole of light if you look really hard.  That’s where knowing that life will change is important.

Each person has a limit to how much ‘positive’ and ‘wonderful’ they can be, but positivity is a muscle, work it and it becomes stronger.  Leaders, and those who have a powerful and strong outlook on life will tell you that they are positive realists, they know there are highs and lows, and it is how you deal with them that matters.

the mindPositive people make a difference to those around them.  They make others feel they matter.  What this comes down to is encouraging a reader to change a point of view or to improve their own mental wellbeing. Each post a blogger writes has this power, a power to create a more positive outlook on life.

I’m not suggesting that they make a person’s life brighter, but rather they show how they care differently.  I have made a commitment to be more of a positive person, but, and there is a but, I tend to focus on the challenges I have in life.  I’m not the best person to come to when my mind dwells on the “how” when it’s really about the “why” in the journey I’m on.

Being positive can change how you view people and how you view your writing.  Much of my life is a part of writing, I write a blog, I have published a book, I am working with a co-author on three others, and there are times when I wonder if I’m doing enough, but I encourage myself knowing I am moving forward.  One step and one day at a time.

The power of being positive means I am open to what I am thinking about and willing to change just a bit each day.  For a long time, I would look at where I was and wonder “how did I get here?”  I can explain the how much better now, it is because I was locked into a negative thinking battle with my own mind.


never lost hope quote
Hope is what we need

The power of being positive makes a difference in my life.  I can see challenges for what they are: temporary and at some point they will end.  Because I am able to use the power of writing to help me, I learned expressing what I felt and how I could be better was my means of coping.  I don’t have a strong support system in my personal life, and as much as people see me as ‘open’ it is because I share my passion for life with others.

There is a point when I realized what I write and who I write to means I have a responsibility to grow as a writer.  I also have a choice- I can remain where I am, and not change, but then it is my choice, and if I am unhappy with it, it was the decision I made to begin with.  I look at my co-bloggers here and feel grateful they work as hard as they do with their writing.  It makes me a more positive person.

I’m not about to say there isn’t a time when you can’t be positive, there are many people who deal with challenges far greater than anything I ever faced.  I cannot express how much I admire people who have depression, and still get up and face the day.  They might have a ‘negative’ outlook on life, but deep inside they are positive they understand this is a challenge and each step means going forward, and they can find people who will work with them.

I’ve learned a lot from them as people, they push themselves to do the simple tasks, and they almost always have moments of happiness in them, even though they are fighting a battle I can’t begin to comprehend.  They are leaders in their own right, and are in many ways powerful, and paradoxically, positive because they lead by example.

Writers can help, because they can show the power of being positive in their writing, and in their daily lives.  A writer’s life is filled with challenges, although nothing compared to depression or other serious illness, but they can write and share and help others by showing the power of being a more positive person.