The Writer’s Playlist

Take the “5 Songs That Inspire You” Challenge

Whenever I need that little extra motivation I like to listen to certain songs that make me feel good.  Normally, I play pop, but I do branch out to hard rock, and heavy metal on occasion. This is by no means a glowing gem of insight, but merely a slap back to reality for those people who push themselves to write, and blog, and then write some more, for extended periods of time and exhaust their creative brain. We have been talking all month about how and why music makes us feel good and helps us write… well it’s time to put this into practice and not just think in theory.
Because theory is great- but action is always a better choice.


Music has profound influences on our health and well-being. Millions of starving artists don’t struggle to make a living because they enjoy suffering and are just too masochistic to care.  Or, to be blunt, they want the money and not all the crap that it takes to build their audience. They do it because they can’t imagine themselves doing anything else; it brings them so much joy that it overrides the other discomforts that may result from such a lifestyle.


I have spent much of my life singing and performing music, and have several friends who have made it their life’s ambition to spread and share their music with others. As humans we are hardwired for music and the auditory ecstasy it provides for us. For those of use who haven’t made it the “be all, end all” for our well being, we often forget about the power it can have.  I am more of a writer, but I enjoy the creative talents as a part of my life.
The good feelings and memories that rush back for example when we listen to “Stop” by the Spice Girls and remember our prom where even the jocks knew all the dance moves (Don’t ask). How it unifies and brings us together. The hope and peace it brings to us without any tangible cause. I bet all of us can honestly say our writing could benefit from a little more of this type of inspiration.  Or any form of good inspiration.

So this week I tried something a little different for my playlist that I listen to on my way to work in the morning, and I am going to challenge you to do the same. Whether it is in the morning before you go to work, on your way to work, on breaks in your writing, during a meal, or during a workout find time to listen to 5 songs. Just 5 songs uninterrupted by the busyness of your day.  Five isn’t hard, unless you don’t like playing things on loop.

“But where do I find these songs?” You ask, enthralled by this revolutionary idea. Open iTunes and go to “Songs.” From there I want you to find your 5 MOST played songs EVER. Not just the hits that are on the radio right now. Not just what you “think” you feel like listening to. Surrender to your own taste in music and trust it to inspire you… I bet you’ll be surprised. Just because I dislike hypocrites and believe in the principle of “practice what you preach,” I thought I would include what my 5 most played songs ever are.

Try it and post your top 5 unintentionally inspirational songs here if you feel like sharing! Go ahead, get inspired!


  1. Love Song- Sara Bareilles
  2. I Saw the Sign- Ace of Base
  3. Wannabe- Spice Girls
  4. Sinfonia (From “Messiah”)- Handel
  5. Ugly Heart- GRL