Becoming a SuperWriter!

Conquering Your Emotions and Triumphing
Over Negativity

It has been said
many times that artists feel things differently. As writers, we are artists of
the written word and the worlds that live beyond the page. That imagination and
depth of insight takes a lot more out of us than we (and others around us) sometimes

When thinking
about balance this month in relation to our lives as writers, I thought it was
probably a good idea to discuss emotions in depth because of how easily they
affect our writing indirectly and directly. Not only do they have direct
effects on our ability to write, but they act indirectly through motivation,
creativity, and other outlets we use when we write.
Just this month I
went through some tough times with rejections and other disappointments.
Sometimes it can be really hard to write anything; not only because you don’t
have the motivation, but because you sometimes feel like at that point your
voice doesn’t have much value left.
You’d be wrong.
We’re artists. We
feel things differently. And because we have that creative outlet, we can pour
that raw emotion into our work. Some of my best poetry and music has come from
the darkest times in my life, and you know what? When all is said and done…
not only do I feel better for letting those emotions materialize and become
less overwhelming, but I have a kickass piece of my work that I can be proud
I am constantly
told by my friends who are not artists in any respect (except maybe with stock
market crunching or eating large quantities of food) that they wish they had an
artistic outlet; something they were passionate enough about that allowed them
to emote and truly realize their emotions instead of letting them break them
down from within.
As a writer, feel
free to consider yourself a superhero whose superhuman ability to express
yourself and your emotions through writing gives you the ability to conquer all
that life has to throw at you. Empower yourself through writing to not let
negative emotions take root within you. Give them a voice, write them down, and
you will even have a trophy in the end to symbolize your triumph over the many
obstacles life will throw at you.