We Write, But Not Everything Needs To Be Published

I’m still working on my second book.  It has two co-authors, and it is taking as long as the last book took to write.  There is nothing wrong with the time, but there is another learning curve we are on.  We are deciding what should and shouldn’t be published as a book.  A book cover can always be changed and developed.

We had considered using this as our book cover design.  However, this one won’t be the cover for the new book. The title, when we first chose it, was good for the book we had in mind and were writing …and then came the edits.  We edited it, and we also found a new writing partner.  Jordan, the newest writer, had many great ideas and after the next draft, well, the book cover didn’t work as well.  We write a blog, so the topic is still good, but this is not the cover we need.

We got back to the drawing board and found that (to no one’s surprise) that what we had originally written did not need to be published.  

It’s not meant to be something people can take something away with them, but while it can work on a blog, it won’t work with a more permanent nature in writing.

Not because it wasn’t good, but because our point of view on blogging and writing in general had changed.  We had grown as writers.  We had also grown as marketers with a book that was selling, but it was not selling as well as we would have hoped.

We knew that if we published what we wrote before, and priced it lower, there wouldn’t be as many copies sold since the cover and the writing didn’t work together.  We could have published the book that we had, and it was good, but it wasn’t what it is now.  It also doesn’t speak to our market: writers who blog.

We write, and we want to be published, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of your readers and the rest of your writing.  We want to be able to sell our books, and to sell them at a great price.  We also need to have something great to say.  That is why not everything needs to be published.