Writing About Blogging (On Writing and Publishing a Blog)

Blogging, or at least writing a blog, is a good way for me to communicate with my loyal friends and readers.  

Part of what I’ve done to continue with my writing on my blogs is because my readers have found time to comment or offer suggestions.  The point is that blogging is not an isolated thing as writing can be, it is more about communication and interactive work with other writers.  It’s not about getting the most votes, but rather acknowledging the other person who takes the time to read the writing you do.

There are two readers I have to personally thank.  I thank everyone who reads the blog, and these are just two great people to work with.

I wouldn’t have been writing and publishing this blog and improving it as much as it has been without the help of two people:  Jane (the editor and sometimes writer of this blog) and Damaria Senne of Storypot.  In fact it was Damaria who mentioned and gave me the idea to write a book about writing a blog.

Thanks to these two wonderful ladies, my first outline of my second book is almost done.  Writing about blogging is admittedly on of the harder things I’ve done, and I am a bit excited to have it published.  Maybe it’s the writer in me, or it’s the fact that there is something new I’ve come to a new point with….

This also means that I’ve been looking at my blog and what will make it better.  I’ve come to the conclusion that most people don’t mind the writing, but I think that they want more.

Writing and publishing a blog is about writing to your readers and learning from them.  I think that the reason most bloggers suffer from “burnout” is not because they are wanting to stop writing. Instead it’s because that blog is just one more thing on their plate.  I also think that people define success differently. For example, a blog with which you want to make some money will eventually make some money, but maybe not soon enough for your liking.

I know that writing about blogging is something that most readers don’t think about since they are working on their books or on their own blogs, but they are still working on improving their writing and their blogs.

So, keep on writing and learning, stay positive about writing and improving your blog, and have fun!  That is what writing a blog is all about. 


  • Nicole Pyles

    I'm so glad you have stuck with this! I do love your blog and enjoy your posts! It can be tough to stick with something with very little return. I decided to change my blog topic because I was putting more emotionally into my posts and having little left for writing. I think the change of my blog has helped me a lot. I'm hoping it continues that way. And I have always loved your blog and I'm glad you're still here. 🙂