How Would You Plan on Marketing You Self-Published Book?

I can’t stress enough the amount of hard work that goes into every book a writer writes.  Having said this, I also can’t stress enough how much marketing plays a factor in the sales of your book, particularly if you want to sell a self-published book.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have great sales numbers, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to make money with your book.  The problem might develop when you focus on what should work instead of on what does work.  It also helps if you actively learn from other writers when and where you can go to get noticed.

That is critical when you want to market your self-published books.  There is a reason why (beyond a poorly edited book) most self-published authors don’t get many sales.  They might simply have no experience marketing.  They might also not have the money to market their book correctly.  They need information but don’t know where to find it.

Start making connections within your current writing community, and you have to go beyond buying some promotional materials and telling a few family and friends about your book.  You need to learn to build your network; meaning reaching out to other writers and readers.  There are many other self-published writers who are willing to share where and how they have found success.

Marketing your book requires a plan.  For some it means using every means that they can to get people to at least go and look at their book.  This also means that self-published authors need to care about the bookseller Amazon.  There are other places you can buy books as well.  For example, Damaria suggested GoodReads to me, and shared it on a comment on this blog.  Several other authors whom I follow as a blog reader are on that website, too, and I have followed their good advice.  This is another vehicle to market your book online, beyond selling it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Having a few reviews makes all the difference as well, so another great tool for promoting self-published book is by giving away copies to people with the promise from them to review it on their networks.

Marketing your self-published book means that you will have to work a lot more and learn a lot more in a very short time span.  Many writers want to share the best that they can, and they also should promote several formats.

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  • Edward Smith

    I would urge publishers of self-published books to consider pitching radio and TV shows. Many authors are experts in certain areas and would make great interview guests. Thanks and good luck. Edward Smith.