Google AdSense and Earning Income

money and gold
Bars of gold and dollar bills

It is about money when you write about Google AdSense.

This is a fact of life:  We all need money to continue to write- we can’t survive without the income.  At the same time it is about writing for the sheer joy of it.  It is also about publishing a book.

The fact remains no matter what it is about money.  If you read blogs frequently, you will notice that most bloggers have some type of affiliate program such as a Google AdSense Ad up.  This is a way to make money, but it is a harder and slower way.  Some writers they focus on topics that they think will make them money.

It is an idea, but I don’t believe it is a good one, partly to do with a thing called SEO.  I think our readers can figure it out very quickly why we are publishing what we are publishing.  However, like it or not most people use ads, and some make money with them.  Of course as writers we should consider it “gravy.”  The power of writing is money.

There is also the key of enjoying your writing. Money does make for a happier writer.

There are other ways to make money.  I know that a book can earn income as well as an affiliate program, but the better the blog the more likely there will be money.  The ideas need to be there. The ‘gold’ will come. Writers, you and I, need to make money to “justify” our writing.   There are too many naysayer otherwise.

So, if you are think of writing, enjoy the process… but if you are thinking of AdSense and fast cash, you might need to think about it a bit more.