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A Business in Writing is Still A Business

So, you’ve got the “big dream” of “A Writing Business.”  You long for the day you tell everyone you’ve made it.  You’ve got a successful business going.

Ready to Write?

The start to the whole journey is to take a look at your blog, or your website and sit down and take some time to figure out what you want with it.  You’ve spent time and effort on it, probably some hard cash, but- and it’s a big but- can you honestly tell people you’ve done your best work? So maybe, it’s time to go back to the beginning and be a “client” and not the writer. Looking at some of the older pages you haven’t looked at in a while, or that blog post you rushed through to see what didn’t work, but also going to look at what did.  No one is perfect, so there’s always some room to improve.


Then you get to the next step: editing your content. Add some of the keywords which you understand and know that make the writing stronger, powerful and gets some true life out of what you are writing about. Also, should you feel daring enough, go to Google AdWords and learn about keywords and what they mean to your content, your writing, and your future career.


The reason the content is a must is Google has an algorithm which goes through what you’ve published online to help place ads (if you have Google Ads) which, in turn, increases income. The better you content, the better your traffic, then in general the better your Google Ads. Keep in mind, this is not the easy route and should not be the main source of income.


Let’s say you want to “make money” in three days.

To make money in three days, you will need some quality writing (aka content). For the sake of transparency: I am assuming three things: one your your website is well done and has some great blog posts, two that you have run the website for a good period of time, and have some followers, and three that you are willing to put in the work- to start from the ground up.



I didn’t say it was easy.  I am saying it is worth it.


The biggest factor? Time and a willingness to add something more to your website.  So what if you like the look of your site, if you aren’t getting the people there, it isn’t a good website.  If you think the posts are great, go ahead and find someone who will give you an honest view no matter how painful. It’s not easy learning the ropes. All. Over. Again.  It’s worse if you’ve been writing for years in hopes you have a few successes.  Unfortunately, it’s the recreating the success that matters.  The funny thing about success? You often can’t re-create it if you don’t know what made that post, or that page, or that website a success.


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It’s worth it in three days if you have the foundation to your writing business set up, and if not, then three days, or even three weeks is not going to make much of a change.  If you have the foundation, then there is a difference.  Before you earn income you’ve got some work to do.  Loving your career as a writer, and blogger and possibly a YouTuber is just the beginning.  Take the moment as it comes and publish what you can and do it again and again.  That’s the beginning of the business, and after that it is a learning curve.  How much you can grow while working on your craft and then your business is up to you, it’s also who and what defines your view of success.  You can’t fail if you set a reasonable goal to begin with.


Maybe the money will come, or maybe the “lightbulb” will go off, but it’s usually because you’ve been working with your business and working to grow it.