Should You Self-Publish? Eyes Open WIDE Please

Yes, you should think about self-publishing.  In fact editing is a must but there is one point I’d love to make.  Don’t believe everything you read.  Case in point?

My hub about published was “hit” by IUniverse spammers.  I call them this because not only did they praise IUniverse, but they had a direct link to the website.  Sigh!  IUniverse is a vanity press with a not so great reputation… along with AuthorHouse, Xlibris, and many others.

Most people would be unhappy with this state. I am but I left a nice warning comment below these two comments.

So, in many ways I’ve got to say this:  If you are planning on self-publishing have your eyes open wide, because if you do want to self-publish, be prepared to spend a lot of time researching, and proofreading and checking that the facts add up.

Why do I say this?  I’ve had people come and say that they have spend hundreds of dollars to publish and then have problems with getting copyrights or worst still, spend more money than what they had only to lose it all.  Don’t believe a vanity press… not even when they point out good things that they do (I’m still looking for the good things…)


  • Al

    the bottom line is you have to do your research.
    there are printing companies that allow a publisher to get their work out there.
    Then ther those who call themselves self publivcation companies but are vanity presses…

  • Michelle Davidson Argyle

    Al's right. You have to do your research, for sure. Even some small publishers out there are really vanity presses. Everyone's out to make a buck, and it's important to research what you're stepping into.

  • Anonymous

    everyone above is right, you have to do your research and ask questions, because if you do not you have a problem. Good on you for bring up the thing about spammers.