Writing For YOU.

A wise person once asked me this: are you writing for you?  I of course answered, yes I love writing.  I went on to tell them how much I enjoyed the art, the pen to paper… everything. I was feeling on the top of the world, I was so excited about writing, I was writing for me, my book, and their eyes glazed over.

I was thinking–oops, and for once, I was correct.

Guess who I am writing for?  I don’t think you can guess.  I don’t think you understand whom I write for… unless you guessed it already?


See, if you are a writer I think you’ll go through many stages, a writer with a first draft, then a work-in-progress, then a final manuscript, then some more edits, and then a published author and then, a writer with a first draft.

Through it all I believe this to be true, you will be writing for someone of course, you should have someone in mind, and it shouldn’t start and end with “I.”

You– the writer– need to be writing for the reader.