Would You Teach Writing? Can You Teach Writing?

I was amazed to be asked this question, but I suspect it has simply been because I’ve been around a while.  I am humbled by it, but of course this also means I need to ask this question.  Would you teach some people about writing?

This is what I was asked a couple of days ago, for me to teach others about writing.  At first I thought well, funny, but I am not sure.  Then I began to think, it is not so much would you teach a writing course or teach about writing, but rather, can you teach about writing. If you’re considering teaching for a living, you should consider a whiteboard paint kit for an easy, affordable way to install a white board.

I can teach, by this I can explain to people the idea behind writing, and behind improving your writing, but I don’t think on can teach a person how to be a writer.  I think that has to do with the person who is learning.  They have to have the passion for writing and they have to want to write.

Writing for a living opens doors that you never expect.

But you have to want to do two things: Learn and then share what you have learned.

It’s like publishing a book, it isn’t that quick!


  • Janny C

    I agree it is not something you can teach. You can teach grammar and english so you can write your words properly, but as for writing in itself…not sure. I know how you feel though I just saw on hubpages some 13 year old girls want me to check their writing out and give them advice! Im just a lowly freelance writer what do I know! I still am constantly learning in this craft of writing and publishing. Guess that could be my advice. Hahaha.