Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

This question is one which does take most bloggers by surprise as they do not usually think of where and how they make money.  It is a blog and we all want to write something that is worth while.  Not only in terms of content and comments or in traffic, but also in money.

So, writers do you know where your money is?  Better yet do you know where your money is from?

There are a few ways to figure out where your blog makes you money and below is a list of ways you can find out:

1) Google AdSense: yes you can add a channel for your blog and you simply track it.  It is a simple way to check the over all health of your blog.

2) Your Blogger stats:  No, really this is a vital one.  You can check since about July and this will tell you only who is coming to your blog but also where and what they read, so if one of your blog posts seems to be giving you a good bit of money…. well what will you do about it?

3) Google Analytics: the most complex and yet the most informative for bloggers, this can quickly tell you if your writing has the “kick” it needs.  it will tell you bounce rate and how long people are on your blog, but most importantly your audience if you are getting new people and keeping the older people.

So, do you know where your money is?


  • Damaria Senne

    Google adsense didn't work well for me. Maybe I didn't display the ads prominently enough?

    But I'm now looking to earn some money on my blog through sponsored posts.

    This is different from the traditional sponsored posts, in that, I don't work with everyone who'll pay. I'm in discussion with a retailer, who will gives me a topic, and then I will blog about it, with several links to their web site. They will then pay me per post.
    I had to have a certain Google rank for them to consider my blog.

    And their offerings fits in with my area of interest, so I'm OK blogging about it.

    And it will be informational article, not ads, so it will easily be part of the conversation, though my bloggers will know these are sponsored posts.

  • Steve

    The biggest reason why people suffer low earnings on AdSense is because their audience is not primed to click on ads. Bloggers are writing material that don't attract readers with questions, or they don't write articles that answer their questions. They're blogging about their personal life, posting funny photos, or digressing off the intended topic.

    Hence, the keywords and phrases in their articles causes AdSense to display ads that don't intrigue their audience. To maximize your AdSense income, you have to start with a question, and then the entire article from the title all the way down should answer that question, and stay on focus. And the entire blog must stay on focus as well.

    As your content fetches that same audience from Google searches, AdSense will display the same ads, and you'll see performance rising.

    Click on my name, and follow my blogs, "In Your Web" and "Money with AdSense", where I write about this stuff ad nauseum.