Passionate Writing is Important

Writers are strange, or at least to the world we are a bit strange, we pour over our work and analyse others works in hopes to improve our own. We work alone yet value online classes to connect with the world around us. We want to be recognized and yet we want our privacy. Yes, we writers are a bit strange. I should know, I am a writer. The simple answer might be because we are passionate about our writing.

I would say the reason that many writers do not see as much success as they has hoped for is because they are not as passionate about writing as they could be. Yes, there are many days when you simply do not want to look at this particular manuscript or this edit that needs to be done quickly, or worst still needed to be done yesterday. This is when passionate writing is important to any writer.

We long for success, we want to see other passionate about our writing as we are and we want to prove to ourselves and others that we as writers are important. In this aspect we look to writing classes where others will– at times– critique and improve our writing. Yet if some thing within our writing is important to us, there is a place where most writers know that passion takes over.

Sometimes we writers need a break, a bit of a time to learn about our passionate writing and it being important to us. There is some thing to be said about our love of writing, we love the feel of pen and paper and yet, we also want to smell that new box of books with our byline on it. Still we want to be famous, with books sold off the shelf. Still the thing that drives us is our passion for writing, and our joy at the art of writing and creating.