Shameless Self-Promotion and Publishing?

Shameless Self-Promotion isn’t a bad thing, in so far that it gets people coming back. Yes there are such things as link building and writing… and most people don’t seem to mind guest blog (by the way– thanks duchess oblunt!) In fact I do it all the time.

There are so many ways to self-promote that don’t drive other writers nuts, commenting on others blogs, commenting on your own, and writing on a regular basis. It’s a part of the publishing business.

This can also be used with books and your own writing. Guess what? I do freelance writing, need any help ask me? (Okay a bit too much, but you get the idea)

I think the best part of writing is the challenges that writers face in being good promoters of their work or annoyances. The best you ask? well really it’s the links to your blogs inside your comments that simply read “u have a good blog” with a link.. now that’s going to far. The comments that come time and again from the same people are not.

Putting time and energy into self promotion is great, that really what it’s about, just avoid to much of it.

What is your definition of over the top shameless self-promotion for publishing and marketing your writing?


  • Duchess O Blunt

    I'd be into shameless self promotion if I had the nerve! I just don't 🙂

    But if I understand you correctly, just by my commenting here on your blog I am doing just that? Cool. I think I can manage that much!

    And the thanks go to you!

  • Becky Wilson aka Valkyrie1008

    I personally am a tiny shameless blogger in that in all my emails when it's not work in the form of a long signature containing links to my several blogs and other creative sites along with brief details about what each offers.

    But I do try and comment on others blogs not because I want them to check out mine but because I'm genuinely interested in their blogs.

  • Alex Jenson

    The problem with self promotion today is that there are simply too many writers out there all trying to push their books. Some of them I believe are genuinely talented authors, but there is also a lot of DIY authorism going on….people deciding on a whim, to become a writer. What are they driven by? Money.
    Now that's not the case with all writers, i would say maybe not even the majority..but there is saturation of marketing and the publishers encourage it because it means less work and investment for them. I believe the best way to promote yourself is by not mentioning your book at all. If you've got something to say, i think eventually people will be curious enough to dig a bit deeper. Simply shouting as loudly as possible is the worst tactic you can use.

  • Rebecca

    JS– so are you, you are right now promoting yourself.

    Becky Wilson– This is true I do put on my emails my blog addresses, and if people want to read them so be it, and up on hubpages as well. As for others blogs, if there is something really good on the blog I will comment, links be darned!

    Alex Jenson– Yes people will find you and it doesn't take much these days, especially with the advent of google, but if you are in it for money, it is harder to get interest people know what is really going on.

    I can say that I've been around for nearly two years, and you can tell who will stay for the long haul. As writers at least.

  • lmmartin

    If a writer (and by that I mean someone who CAN write and understands and uses the tools of language, not someone who decided one morning that being a writer sounds cool but who cares about grammar and style) then you need to self-promote. If you do not, who will?

    Sitting around waiting for others to become curious enough to check sounds like a good way to grow old and bitter.

  • Alex Jenson

    I guess it's a balance really. My post was based on personal experience. I was promoting my book quite overtly, and i guess that i just didn't feel comfortable for whatever reason, what with a million other voices shouting out there in the wilderness. You are right, you do have to promote your work, but i think subtlety is the best way. And ideally, you want to have a publisher who does the hard work for you. Not all writers are good self-publicists and they would rather spend their time writing, than trying to negotiate the vast landscape of literary promotion. There are so many books being published now, that what is really required is a very original and creative approach to publicity. When you're more interested in writing books than focussing on that problem, then that is a problem.

  • lmmartin

    Unfortunately, these days most publishers don't put a lot of effort and money into publicizing work, particularly from a mid-list writer. Subtlety is theoretically the civilized way to go, but if it helps to find the audience for my next and future works, I'd flog my work anyway possible. And yes, I'd like nothing more than to sit and turn out work after work, but until I have that readership, I have to put me efforts into making a "name" out of my own.

    As it stands right now, I divide my time between writing, and trying to one thing to promote my work every day.

    I enjoyed your comment, and wish all you say was my reality, but it is not. (Too bad, indeed.)