Publishing and Marketing: Something about the Three Stooges

Okay I admit it right now, but have you ever seen the three stooges? I mean seen one of their many comedy shows? Last night I saw a few on TV, and I found to my delight a bit of humor, but also of timing.

So, to kick off 2010, and talk about publishing and marketing, I’ll talk about timing. There is a thing to publishing, and when you think about it there is a thing with marketing, and that thing is the same for both.


So why do we not put that into consideration when we talk about publishing? When publishing a book, we writing it and make certain that the plot is good, that the characters are great and the writing is perfect. In other words, we worry about timing.

Face it the Three Stooges are a classic hit simply because of timing. You’d never remember them if they weren’t. The timing is perfect.

So what about our publishing goals? Is the timing perfect for them? Is ti the right time to think about e-books? traditional publishing? self-publishing? a new blog?

What is timing to you?


  • BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning

    I LOVE the Three Stooges. My dad and I used to sit and watch them on Sunday afternoons when he was alive and I was a teen. Many happy memories there.

    Timing. Ah, yes. Very important. Timing of life events and timing of publishing, writing, marketing all have to cooperate with each other to work out. However, if you try to write something and the timing is off, it can mess the whole big picture up.

    Good post.

  • Rebecca

    Becky Joie— great to have to you back here, what you say is totally true, it's so hard when things don't go well, all because of timing.