Publishing Your Book? is it Worth it? Just to Name A Few

So still thinking of publishing a book? I hope I didn’t scare you off. But not to worry, this is a sort of list and reason why this is such a worthwhile thing to do.

The costs will always be there, it may not be money but there is always something. SO, why do you need to publish your book?

I suppose this is the prime what’s in it for me? Type of a question, well for some, it’s the pure pleasure of seeing their name on a book, for others it’s the challenge of writing and getting it published and market the thing.

Christy who wrote the book Self-Publishing For Profit, which you can get on amazon, is a great marketer, and her writing is good and very straight forward, she will succeed because she knows her “stuff”

Jill Edmondson author of Blood and Groom, well it’s a great novel, and a fun read, I’m betting to her writing it is worth it, but publishing a book is even more worth it!

Then there is Lynnette Labelle, and Cindy R.Wilson, I am sure that they will agree that publishing is worth it.

For myself, as it is my blog after all, I am certain with my books that publishing and all the work it takes is worth every moment I spend on this blog,and on my hubs and everything else!

My Question for you is this: What makes publishing worth it for you?

Living a Life of Writing: Publishing You Book? is it Worth it?


  • Vicki Hopkins

    After just releasing my first fiction work through Xlibris, there are many things that make it worth it for me. One, it's a life-long fulfillment of a dream I've had since my early 20's. I'm about to turn 60, and I think to myself….why did I wait so long? It's also conquering your fears, doubts, and crushing your procrastination. There is NO feeling in the world like holding your words in book form, flipping through the pages, and thinking to yourself…"I wrote that." It's a legacy you leave behind in the world long after you are gone. It's wonderful.