10 Solutions to the Problem of Publishing a Book

There is a Problem With Publishing a Book?! What Problem? Okay so if there is a problem what’s the solution?

If you read yesterday’s post you’ll see the list I’m going through. Without any more delay: The two for today:

Knowledge of Your Book:

You Are Writing a Book right? So Answer these questions:  for the most part these are very simple and usually have a fairly good answer to them.  Of course this is personal, so you will need to think about the questions.  A Quick answer in some cases might not be the best answer.

What is your book about? Why are YOU writing this book? How will this book be published? Where is its plot going? What makes you the perfect writer? When do you write and edit this book?

Can you answer those Questions? Do they bring more for you? Do you write your answers down?

See, the more you know about your book, before you write your book, the better it will be. If you know your audience even better. ( Or at least something about your audience as Christy as said so wonderfully in her book)

A Good Editor:

You think that you will have problem getting publishing a book if you don’t have a good editor. End of Story.

Solution to about problem: Get A good editor.

My Question for you today is this: Are these good points to remember or not?