Book Blogs and Publishing Houses

Ah the two groups that never seem to join together book blogs and publishing Houses. I noticed yesterday that life seems to be one big climb up a rather large mountain. I didn’t take to much time to begin to wonder what about book blogs and publishing houses? Are they really so different? Do they need each other?

I think I got you there. Book blogs, you know the kind that review books, and publishing Houses work hand in hand. A publishing house, such as Random house, or Forge and Tor Books, publish the books we read. For many instead of word of mouth, they write a book blog.

As A part of the new look of this blog I’ll list my three favorite book blogs here. I really want to showcase people’s blogs, and hopefully, this will create a sensation!

Alissa at Books I liked loved or Hated
The gang at Historical Tapestry.
and last but not least,
Marg at Reading Adventures.

These three make great book blogs, and make the publishing houses feel great. Think about it, if you were to have a review, where would you love to put it?

Yes, in a newspaper, but what about book blogs? These people put me to shame, Marg for one already has more that 260 posts, THIS year. Alissa, is not far behind. Historical Tapestry is a group of reading fanatics. How can they read and review all these books? (Marg, Alissa, Alex Ana, Kailana and Teddy how do you do it??)

Simple, they read and think. I know that all publishing Houses love them. These people are one big reason why people continue to expand their horizons. I can find more than a hundred books I now want to read from them. A big Thanks to all you book blogs out there!

My Question For you Today is this: Do you think that bloggers who write book blogs help publishing houses?


  • VABookworm87

    I'll definitely have to check out those blogs :o) I wish I could do more book reviews on my blog, but alas, no one wants to hear about my O-chem textbook lol During the summer I can do a book every couple of days, but when school comes around my To Be Read pile grows faster than I can keep up with.

  • Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA

    Book blogs are the wave of the future. As newspapers die slow deaths, publishers are turning to prolific bloggers more and more– it's so funny that you blogged about this. I started a website (www.StepByStepSelfPublishing.net) that included a list of Book Reviewers who accept self-published books. The response has been enormous. For some authors, book bloggers are the ONLY way to get the reviews they so desperately need.