The Writing Pen is Mightier Than the Writing Class

I finished my writing class at Gotham, and I’m a bit sad and happy at the same time, I can understand that there is a lot to learn and a lot to improve upon.  My writing abilities have grown, and I’m ever the positive person that with the sage advice given, I will grow as a writer who cares about their professional and is willing to be more powerful because of the class. This time it was different, as the last couple of times I’ve done a class with them, the comments from everyone ranged form great to really helpful and concrete.

This time, I asked and received what I asked, true critiques, which upon looking at my writing from their eyes, is very much true to the point. I might have expected that they would love my writing, but I am certain they have legitimate points.  The thing was, it hurt.  To hear my writing doesn’t have a chance hurts.  The truth is that they are right.  The other truth is that I can learn that my writing pen is mightier than the writing class. Or, perhaps I am confused.

What I’m Reading From The Library: (I have 20 days)

Hemingway. The Sun Also Rises.
Terry Brooks, Magic Kingdom For Sale–Sold!
Charlotte Zeepvat, Prince Leopold
Jack Whyte, Uther

I’ll give you a low down on them tomorrow!

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