Money or Writing? or… Publishing and Money?

When you look at these two pictures what is more important to you?

Money, which will allow you write, and potentially get published??

Or writing which means that with some editing and time you will be published?

It seems to me to be the chicken and the egg and that is what makes it so interesting, that people seem to think that one will make another, which will make another, but in my mind there is a way that it goes:

You need to save some money so that you have time to write, and get a book published which will make you some money again which will allow you to write which will allow you to be published again.

It is a cycle. You need something to start it off.

What is you point of view?

Do you need money to write? Or should you simply write?


  • Duchess O Blunt

    Great question!
    Money is needed to allow you the time to write, I think. Otherwise, the time it takes to write while working is just never enough (speaking from experience).

  • Rosemary Nissen-Wade

    Writers write. If you have a vocation, there's no way you won't do it – somehow. Money might buy you more time, but lack of money won't stop you

    In fact, I have settled for a frugal life in order to have more time to write, i.e. less paid work than I might otherwise get.

    If you defer writing in order to get enough money – how much is enough? Needs and wants expand to consume the funds available. You could go on and on amassing money and never get to the writing.

    And actually, there is never enough time for all the writing one longs to do. A lifetime is not enough.

    My advice: do what you like about money, and write anyway. If you're really a writer, you will anyway.