Does Writing Help Your Brain?

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Writing is three parts hard work and one part creativity.  It’s a lot of self-reflection and choice.  It’s about choosing to sit in front of a computer and write each day, even if you don’t want it.  It’s looking at your writing and taking another part of your brain and making it work harder.

At times, it’s hard to concentrate on the art of writing, and at time it’s as if the grey matter seems to work perfectly everything going along well.  The brain is an amazing organ, and it’s a wonder why people want to improve it as much as they can.  The mind is something we as writers take for granted, but it is the thing that makes us better.
I was reading Think and Grow Rich when the idea struck me, when I write I feel more relaxed and more focused.  I can come up with ideas while doodling with pen and paper, but when going to the computer, it seems I draw a blank.  After a while, I lose focus and start searching out emails, and other types of ‘non-writing’ to-do lists I find when I sit in front of the computer screen.

Does writing help your brain?

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Yes, it does, it requires you to focus, to think and to push yourself out of your own comfort zone.  It makes you ask questions that you normally won’t do or don’t want to do.  Even tongue twisters require a certain bit of brain activity to work well.  It’s all logical when you have a chance to think about it.

To write you have to use both sides of your brain and they have to be in concert with one another.  This doesn’t mean that only genius level minds can writer, but it means a writer has to think of logic and emotion to get the reader to want more.

This allows writing to be the key to helping you develop more of your thoughts, and it allows you to work in both the creative and logical parts of your brain.  Writing helps you because you can build up parts that would otherwise not be used.

For example, you have to ‘see’ what is working with your writing, and so in an emotionless way, but you also have to be passionate about what you write or it will come across to the very people you need to have interested in your work.  I am a visual person, and this poster is very true- writing means I’ll be doing a lot of work, and it’s normal, and my brain will be helped because of it.

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